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Always a pioneer in Innovation - Miele and the Boutique
After ten months of conceptual planning and fit out, the innovative and intelligent boutique showroom was unveiled in May 2006 by Dr. Markus Miele. It will provide a 24 hour presence to the locale with its thematic window displays and digital projected artwork, completing the "epicentre" of luxury brands as seen in Lee Gardens.

The philosophy behind the design and creation of the boutique adheres to the perception of Miele not only manufacturing "appliances" but rather promoting elegant design, quality products and a desirable lifestyle. We simply want to show that Miele has the most beautifully designed products available.

With Miele appliances being highly sophisticated in both an aesthetic and engineering sense, a showroom that incorporates the same philosophy is vital and has brought a new aura to Miele products.

Driven by a revolutionary design concept
A 4.5 m façade, created by a unique glass technology in a color graduation named "Miele Horizon", makes the Miele Boutique a landmark in the surrounding area. Reaching from red to black in numerous shades the façade looks different according to the time of day and is beautifully illuminated during the evening.

The interior is designed into thematic zones filled with animated features – each area relating to Miele's products, carefully blended into the décor, motivating each person to discover the products. To provide an interactive experience, various secret panels within each zone can be unfolded.

The Epi-centre of luxury brands
Located at the corner of Leighton Road and Sunning Road in Causeway bay, just around the corner of Lee Gardens, the Miele Boutique is easily accessible to the public.

Our well trained product advisors are looking forward to welcome you there and give you a thorough overview about our product range including cooking sessions. Besides the comprehensive introduction and advice they are happy to receive your purchasing orders as well since we offer the opportunity of direct shopping at our premises.


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Miele Experience Centre
1/F, Lee Garden Six
111 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

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Tel: +852-2890-1018
Fax: +852-3579-1401

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10:00am - 7:00pm

Sunday and Public Holidays
12:00pm - 7:00pm