Miele promotional offers

A selection of remarkable promotion offers are available, complimentary gifts and / or value-added extras.

20% Special Offer

For selected laundry and floor care items

To celebrate two decades in Hong Kong, Miele is rolling out a series of promotional offers, including a 20% discount on selected items.

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Built-in Appliances Promotional Offer

Celebrating 20 Years of Miele with our Built-in Bundle Promotion

To celebrate 20 exceptional years in Hong Kong, we are launching a built-in bundle promotion which offers customers the opportunity to purchase a variety of these state-of-the-art appliances and enjoy incredible discounts.

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Laundry Care Promotional Offers

Look Forward to Laundry Freshness this Spring with PerfectDry

Now receive a complimentary TRK 555 dryer basket (worth HK$1,000) when you purchase one of the selected tumble dryer models*.

*Offer applies to TKB 340 WP, TKG 640 WP, TKR 650 WP and TMV 840 WP models

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Freestanding Steamer Promotional Offer

Celebrating our one millionth steam oven milestone. Special offer on freestanding steamers

As part of our landmark celebrations, we are offering our DG 6010 freestanding steam oven for the special price of HK$8,999* (originally HK$9,980).

* The actual selling price at retail shops is deemed as final.

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Voucher with your Miele dishwasher G6000 Eco-Flex

Voucher with your Miele dishwasher G6000 Eco-Flex

With the purchase of your Miele dishwasher G6000 Eco-Flex you received a voucher over 15 boxes a 20 Miele UltraTabs Multi.

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TwinDos Campaign

Free Miele detergent for a year

Free annual UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 detergent with the purchase of a new Miele W1 TwinDos washing machine.

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'My First Miele’ special offer - experience top-quality German Laundry Care with the WDA 101

New customers wishing to invest in their first Miele appliance can select a state-of-the-art WDA 101 washing machine for just $8,388* as part of the ‘My First Miele’ campaign.

* The actual selling price at retail shops is deemed as final.

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