Miele promotional offers

A selection of remarkable promotion offers are available, complimentary gifts and / or value-added extras.

Delightful Summer Cooking Experience

Purchase a DG 6010 Freestanding Steam Oven and receive a complimentary DGG3 unperforated container.

German engineering meets traditional cooking in Miele's Freestanding DG 6010 Steam Oven. With precision control, it is easy to create perfect, nutritious meals for you and your family every day. Start your healthy culinary journey with a new steam oven this summer.

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Built-in Appliances Promotional Offer

Miele Kitchen Experience – Explore the origin of extraordinary

Enjoy superb value with our three-tier offer!

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Your voucher for your W1 washing machine / your WT1 washer-dryer with TwinDos

Free Miele UltraPhase detergent supply pack!

When you purchased your new W1 washing machine / your WT1 washer-dryer with TwinDos you received a voucher for a free set of UltraPhase 1 and 2.

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Voucher with your EcoFlex dishwasher

UltraTabs Multi

Take advantage of the free-of-charge introductory offer or the stock-piling offer at a special set price.

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