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125 Years of Miele - Offer Terms & Conditions

125 weeks additional Extended Warranty

Thank you for activating your free of charge 125 weeks additional Extended Warranty! The additional warranty starts directly subsequent to the 2-year Miele guarantee, extending it by a further 125 weeks.


The following terms of contract apply for the 125 weeks additional Extended Warranty, notwithstanding statutory rights in the case of defects and without restricting the same. Asserting these statutory rights is free of charge.


1. Duration and start of cover

1.1     Miele (HK) grants a 1-year guarantee from the date of purchase of the unit. Upon registration for Miele Club Membership, an extended 1-year guarantee will be granted. With the additional 125 weeks Extended Warranty, Miele (HK) covers the cost of repairs for further 125 weeks which will commence after the Miele Club Membership 2nd year extended warranty offer. The validity period is shown on the front of the policy document.

1.2     The policy document will be provided by e-mail.

1.3     Repair of the machine or the provision of spare parts does not extend the period of the contract.

2. Conditions

2.1     The 125-week extended warranty only applies to selective eligible brand-new Miele products purchased within 2024, from Miele authorised retail outlets in Hong Kong and Macau.   

2.2      Only the following selective product models are entitled for 125-week extended warranty:
WEG365 WCS, WEG665 WCS, WEI865 WCS, WCR860 WPS, WWV980 WPS, WTD160 WCS, WTR860 WPM, WTW870 WPM, TEF765 WP, TEL785 WP, TWV780 WP, G 7110 C SC, G 7310 C SC, Triflex HX2 Cat&Dog, Triflex HX2 Pro, DGC 7860 HCX Pro OBSW/matt, DGC 7840 HCX Pro OBSW/matt, H 7860 BPX OBSW/matt, H 7840 BMX OBSW/matt, CVA 7845 ArtLine OBSW/matt, EVS 7010 OBSW/matt, ESW 7010 OBSW/matt, ESW 7020 OBSW/matt.

2.3      The policy document is only valid for one specific Miele machine in each case and is non-transferable.

2.4     If the ownership of the machine changes or if the owner moves to a different address, Miele must be informed so that the policy document remains valid.

2.5     The 125 weeks Extended Warranty is provided free of charge on defined 125 Gala Edition models. It must be activated via the Miele App within 30 days from appliance purchase. The Miele App is an additional digital service by Miele & Cie. KG.

2.6     Services within the scope of the Extended Warranty may only be performed by Miele Customer Service.

2.7     If requested by Miele, the purchase receipt and the policy document are to be shown.

2.8     If the customer is not entitled to a claim under the Extended Warranty, the costs of repairs and other services rendered (e.g. inspection of the device) will be invoiced according to the applicable rates.

2.9      The unit with policy document is for non-commercial use only.

3. Cover and range

3.1     Machine defects will be remedied free-of-charge within a reasonable period through either repair or the replacement of the affected parts. All travel costs, call-out charges, labour and spares costs will be assumed by Miele (HK). Exchange parts or appliances become the property of Miele (HK).

3.2     If the machine is beyond economic repair or if repair is impossible, the customer will be provided with an identical or equivalent new machine. With a replacement machine, communication (connectivity) with other machines and the existing domestic system cannot be guaranteed. Alternatively, if requested, the appropriate current market value of the machine may be reimbursed. If the current market value of the appliance is reimbursed by Miele, the policy document becomes invalid. If the machine is replaced, the remaining period of cover provided by the policy document is transferred to the new unit.

3.3     The Extended Warranty does not cover any further claims for damage against Miele (HK), except in cases resulting from gross or willful negligence on the part of the technical service agent commissioned by Miele (sales subsidiary country) or liability resulting from fatal injury, physical injury or damage to health.

3.4     The provision of consumables and accessories is not covered by this agreement.


4. Limitations

The Extended Warranty will not cover costs for repairs where a fault is due to the following:

4.1     Improper installation, e.g. non-compliance with relevant safety regulations and written operating and installation instructions.

4.2     Improper use and operation, such as the use of unsuitable detergents or chemicals as well as damage caused by the intake of fluids, construction dust or toner.

4.3     External factors such as damage caused through transportation, impact and jolting, inclement environmental conditions or natural phenomena.

4.4     Repairs or modifications not performed by service agents trained and authorised by Miele.

4.5     Damage to non-standard accessories and the failure to use genuine Miele spare parts or accessories authorised by Miele.

4.6     Glass breakage and defective lamps.

4.7     Fluctuations in power supply conditions, which exceed the tolerances stated by the manufacturer.

4.8     Failure to perform cleaning and care work in compliance with the operating instructions.

4.9     Usage-related and natural wear and tear, such as the decreasing load performance of accumulators and components that, according to the operating instructions, must be replaced regularly during the product life cycle.

5. Data protection

In the context of the fulfilment of customer services, Miele collects and processes personal data. For more information about the processing of your personal data, please see our privacy notice at miele.hk/legal/privacy.