Washing machine models and drying systems

The product types available for washing machines are shown here.
Front loaders
These washing machines are particularly convenient to load, unload and operate from the front. Thanks to the many different installation options (stack, built-under, etc.) you can install these appliances in many ways.
Washer dryers
This appliance combines a high-quality well-equipped front loading machine with a condenser dryer. Ideal for people with high demands but little available space.
The different tumble drying systems available to choose from are shown here.
Heat-pump dryers
The particularly economical Miele heat-pump tumble dryers are similar in convenience and flexibility to conventional condenser dryers, but use up to 50% less electricity.
Condenser dryers
The condenser dryer allows flexibility of installation because only a power socket is required for connection. The moist air is not vented into the atmosphere, but instead cooled down in a closed air circuit.
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit