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Automatic operation for intelligent fan control
Achieving optimum extraction of kitchen vapours and odours - while also saving energy: A Miele cooker hood equipped with Con@ctivity 2.0 does this automatically. Miele Con@ctivity 2.0 enables the cooker hood to communicate with the hob. Con@ctivity 2.0 gathers information from the hob and transmits it to the controls in the cooker hood. Your Miele cooker hood then uses this data to automatically select the correct fan setting to ensure the optimum room microclimate at all times. So you can concentrate completely on the cooking process. You don't even have to remember to switch off the appliance. With the automatic run-on control, the cooker hood will switch itself off automatically after you have finished cooking so you do not use any more energy than is necessary. Manual operation is also possible.
Fitted ex works
Communication between the hob and the cooker hood is controlled via RF technology. The RF module is installed ex works in the cooker hood and the necessary wireless stick for the Miele hob is supplied with the cooker hood.
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