Spontaneous party in one hour?

Change settings while away from home
Not only is everything available at a glance, but you can intervene if required: With MobileControl you can lower the temperature of your refrigerator with Super cool while you are away from home before returning after purchasing a large amount of food. Or you can control the programme selection for your washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher even while you are away from home.
With MobileControl you can select the desired appliance and choose a programme via your smartphone or tablet. The appliances can also be started and stopped conveniently, regardless of location.
The display on the appliance at home will indicate that it is in remote control mode. This can be switched off if needed - for example if a family member returns home sooner than expected and would like to use the appliance.
"Perfect moments cannot be controlled. But the settings on the refrigerator and when the washing machine starts can."
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit