Chinese New Year Supreme Cooking Masterclass

Chinese New Year Supreme Cooking Masterclass

During Chinese New Year, loved ones share blessings and delicious food made with the finest ingredients, including abalone. Also known as bao yu, it is said to bring abundance and is featured in lavish meals made to ensure good fortune and happiness.

To welcome a wonderful new year, Miele invited Chef Adam Wong, deputy head chef of the Michelin-starred Forum Restaurant, to lead an abalone cooking masterclass featuring three celebratory dishes using prized foods from the sea.

Preparation of the first recipe, braised whole Yoshihama abalone, began with a lesson on selecting the molluscs according to their origin and variety. Next, Chef Wong showed guests how to rehydrate the abalone using a Miele steamer before revealing a secret braising technique centred on simmering them with juicy pork ribs and fresh chicken stock. Afterwards, he taught guests to make a thick, savoury sauce for topping the dish. The tempting smell of shellfish filled the room and guests couldn’t wait to try the chewy, buttery delicacy.

Before starting the second course, braised Japanese sea cucumber with minced shrimps, Chef Wong showcased the varieties of this famed delicacy before teaching how to soak, soften, rinse and clean it. Following his detailed instructions, the eager guests carefully mashed fresh shrimps, creating a thick paste to serve as a delicious filling. After the sea cucumbers were stuffed, they were steamed in a Miele steamer for ten minutes, enhancing their subtle taste while keeping them incredibly tender.

The class then proceeded to the third dish, baked crab shell with dry conpoy and crab meat stuffing. Chef Wong assisted guests in cleaning the shells and removing the succulent flesh before stir frying it with dried conpoy and other delectable ingredients. The appetising concoction was spooned into the shells and delicately brushed with whisked egg yolk, making it glisten temptingly. Once ready, the crab shells were baked in a Miele oven using the “Fan Grill” function. In a matter of minutes, the luscious crab meat turned a rich golden brown and took on an irresistible crispiness.

Finally, Chef Wong demonstrated how to plate the stuffed crab shells, garnishing them with salad greens. Surrounded by enticing scents, the guests tasted their mouth-watering creations and spoke with Chef Wong, who shared additional tips for cooking dried seafood. Everyone had a lovely time learning treasured secrets from a culinary master and left eager to prepare an exquisite banquet for their loved ones during the festive season.


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