G 4720 SC - Freestanding dishwashers Delay start and cutlery tray for maximum convenience.--
  • Delay start and cutlery tray for maximum convenience.--
  • Fascia/control panel--

G 4720 SC
Freestanding dishwashers
Delay start and cutlery tray for maximum convenience.

  • Particularly economical with EU energy efficiency class A+
  • Easy loading an unloading - Cutlery tray

    The original cutlery tray

    Cutlery items don't touch each other, food deposits are removed completely and the cutlery is dried perfectly.
  • Perfect results – only 6.0 l water in the Automatic programme
  • Gentle cleaning of delicate glassware - Perfect GlassCare

    Perfect GlassCare*

    Gently and with care: This technology ensures that your glasses are cleaned gently.
  • Wash dishes when you want to – Delay start

    Delay start with integrated countdown indicator

    Smart: The countdown indicator. Use delay start to set your dishwasher to start up to 24 h in advance.
  • Brilliant White
Price: HK$ 12,980**
** Hong Kong retail price
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G4720 SC

Optional Accessories - G 4720 SC

GBU Cutlery basket
GBUCutlery basket

for additional cutlery capacity in the lower basket.

GS CL 1403 P Powder detergent, 1.4 kg
GS CL 1403 PPowder detergent, 1.4 kg

for optimum cleaning results. With integrated dispensing aid.

GP MI X 0011 W Multi-purpose microfibre cloth, qty 1
GP MI X 0011 WMulti-purpose microfibre cloth, qty 1

For best cleaning results and safe use.

GP CL WG 252 P IntenseClean, 200 g
GP CL WG 252 PIntenseClean, 200 g

For hygienic cleanliness in dishwashers and washing machines

GP CO G 160 P Care product DishClean, 160 g
GP CO G 160 PCare product DishClean, 160 g

Ensures optimum functioning of the dishwasher

GS RA 502 L Rinse aid, 500 ml
GS RA 502 LRinse aid, 500 ml

for best drying and gentle treatment in Miele dishwashers.

GP FR G 0042 L Freshener, 4 ml
GP FR G 0042 LFreshener, 4 ml

for a pleasant fragrance in the dishwasher.

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*Hong Kong retail price
**Hong Kong retail price
**Hong Kong retail price