Miele steamer recipes search

Search Miele recipes

Miele recipe database contains hundreds recipes from around the world and the specially designed Chinese recipes.

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Miele Exclusives Lifestyle event

Join the Exclusives lifestyle events

Indulge yourself in a sumptuous array of lifestyle events, ranging from culinary programs, wine tastings to coffee workshops and much more ...

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Events and Workshops

Miele cooking experience workshops

Experience workshops

Miele builds industry leading appliances, but don’t take our word for it. Experience the wonders of Miele for yourself at one of our Miele Experience Zones in locations throughout Hong Kong or enjoy a fully immersive and interactive experience with world class chefs and experts at the Miele Experience Centre. So come along and see what all the fuss is about.

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miele cooking experience workshop

Cooking workshops

Miele is a renowned manufacturer of finest appliances in the market, but to truly understand the secret of our products why not join one of our special cooking workshops.

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Miele Event Highlights

Past event highlights

See all the captivating events Miele have put on recently, from tastings to dinner parties and everything in between.

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Exclusives membership by Miele

Exclusives lifestyle events

An array of unique and epicurean lifestyle workshops open to both Miele customers and the public. Hosted at the Miele Experience Centre, you can indulge in the most refined culinary tutorials, wine tastings, coffee workshops, home care sessions, and much much more.

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