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GP MI X 0011 WMulti-purpose microfibre cloth, qty 1

For best cleaning results and safe use.

GP FR G 0042 LFreshener, 4 ml

for a pleasant fragrance in the dishwasher.

GP MI S 0031 WMicroCloth kit, 3 pieces

For best cleaning results and safe use.

1 ITEMS = 83.33 HKD
GP CO G 160 PCare product DishClean, 160 g

Ensures optimum functioning of the dishwasher

100 G = 81.25 HKD
GP CL H 0502 LOven cleaner, 500 ml

For best cleaning results and safe use.

GP CL DGC 251 LDGClean 250 ml

for perfect cleaning results with steam combination ovens.

GP CL KM 0252 LCeramic and stainless steel cleaner, 250 ml

For best cleaning results and safe use.

GP DC CX 0061 TDescaling tablets, 6 tablets

for coffee machine, steam oven, FashionMaster, oven/cooker with Moisture plus.

1 ITEMS = 35.00 HKD
GP CL MCX 0101 PMilk pipework cleaner, 100 sachets

For hygienically clean milk pipework in coffee machines

1 ITEMS = 5.00 HKD
GP DC 001 CDescaling cartridge

for automatic descaling of Miele coffee machines.

GP CL WG 252 PIntenseClean, 200 g

For hygienic cleanliness in dishwashers and washing machines

GP CC 001 CAutoCleaner

for the fully automatic cleaning of Miele coffee machines.

1 ITEMS = 200.00 HKD
GP TDC 141 LTwinDos Care 

Cleaning agent for the TwinDos dispensing system

100 ML = 10.42 HKD
GP CL CX 0102 TCleaning tablets, 10 tabs

For coffee machines, guarantees the highest level of coffee enjoyment

1 ITEMS = 21.00 HKD
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**Hong Kong retail price
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