Miele Experience Centre Kai Tak

Visit our first Experience Centre in Kowloon to unveil the future of sustainable living

We are proud to announce the opening of Miele Experience Centre Kai Tak at AIRSIDE, the brand’s first experience centre in Kowloon. Meticulously designed to reflect Miele’s commitment to sustainability, the Centre invites members of the public to immerse themselves in innovative and eco-conscious living and participate in a variety of workshops.


Situated within one of Hong Kong’s greenest landmarks, AIRSIDE in Kai Tak

Situated within one of Hong Kong’s greenest landmarks, AIRSIDE in Kai Tak, the new Centre embodies the essence of a green and eco-friendly lifestyle. Visitors will be greeted by lush indoor plants, hanging greenery, and green wall installations throughout the store. The open, airy layout encourages exploration of an array of smart home appliances, including kitchen equipment, laundry solutions, floor care products, and cleaning accessories. The thoughtful design of the Miele Experience Centre Kai Tak features green elements and incorporates house plants, LED lighting, and eco-friendly materials.


Promoting sustainability through collaboration

Miele is actively promoting sustainability through collaborations with key environmental partners who present creative approaches to eco-friendly living. The brand is working with AIRSIDE to create an urban farming oasis among its rooftop gardens for the public to practise low-carbon lifestyle concepts such as sustainable cooking and ‘farm-to-table’ dining. Grow Something, an urban organic farming organization, is partnering with Miele to organise workshops about optimising the use of ingredients, and, in Kai Tak, Miele is hostng ‘Zero-waste Cooking Workshops’ to local residents to demonstrate how to embrace green living with Miele kitchen appliances.


Introducing the first ‘Recycle to Reward’ programme to encourage recycling

Building on the momentum of green initiatives at its flagship store in Causeway Bay, the recycle of coffee grounds into compost, Miele is introducing the ‘Recycle to Reward’ programme at the Miele Experience Centre Kai Tak. Participants earn reward points for returning empty Miele cleaner bottles, such as TwinDos, to the Miele Experience Centre in Kai Tak and receive gifts upon reaching specific point thresholds in recognition for their green efforts.

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Miele Experience Centre Kai Tak
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2 Concorde Road
Kowloon City
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