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Flush fit installation

Frameless hob. Can be perfectly and seamlessly integrated into the worktop. These hobs have no sharp corners or edges. Miele also offers flush-fit hobs specially designed for installation in glass worktops which have an increased corner radius.
 Convenience features

Connected Home with Miele@home*

With our innovative Miele@home system, you can exploit the full potential of your Miele appliances and make your everyday life even smarter. All intelligent Miele domestic appliances can be networked conveniently and securely. Operation is simple – whether you use the Miele app, voice control or integration into existing smart home solutions. The appliances are networked via a home WiFi router and the Miele Cloud.
Additional digital offer from Miele & Cie. KG. All smart applications are made possible with the Miele@home system. The range of functions can vary depending on the model and the country.

Con@ctivity 3.0

The successor solution Con@ctivity 3.0 enables the hob and cooker hood to interact as both appliances communicate via WiFi. The power of your cooker hood is regulated automatically depending on the intensity of the cooking vapours.

SmartSelect White

Quick and intuitive: Power and roasting levels can be adjusted directly for each cooking zone.


Quick and intuitive: power levels and times can be selected separately for each cooking zone.


Guaranteed perfect roasting results: The temperature of the pan is kept constant and nothing burns.

PowerFlex induction

Versatile and flexible: Large cookware can also be heated quickly and easily.

GasStop & ReStart

Safe cooking: Automatic re-ignition for flame failure Should this prove unsuccessful, the gas supply is turned off immediately.

ComfortClean pot rests

Fast cleaning: Remove the pot rests and wash in the dishwasher. Keeps gas hobs looking good for longer.
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CS 1327 Y ProLine element
CS 1327 YProLine element

with electrically heated Tepan Yaki

HK$ 36,000.00
CS 1411 F ProLine element
CS 1411 FProLine element

with electrically heated deep-fat fryer

HK$ 24,000.00
CS 1322 BG ProLine element
CS 1322 BGProLine element

with electrically heated barbecue grill

HK$ 28,000.00
CS 7612 FL SmartLine element
CS 7612 FLSmartLine element

with induction PowerFlex cooking zone

HK$ 26,000.00
KM 7474 FR Induction hob with onset controls
KM 7474 FRInduction hob with onset controls

with PowerFlex cooking area for maximum power output

HK$ 32,000.00
KM 7679 FL Induction hob with onset controls
KM 7679 FLInduction hob with onset controls

with TempControl for perfect frying results

HK$ 45,000.00
KM 7667 FL Induction hob with onset controls
KM 7667 FLInduction hob with onset controls

with a width of 620 mm and full-surface induction for a high level of flexibility

HK$ 40,000.00
CS 1112 E ProLine element
CS 1112 EProLine element

with two electrically heated cooking zones

HK$ 16,000.00
CS 7151 FL SmartLine element
CS 7151 FLSmartLine element

with a dual wok burner

HK$ 19,500.00
CS 1013-1 ProLine element
CS 1013-1ProLine element

with two burners

HK$ 17,500.00
CS 1018 ProLine element
CS 1018ProLine element

with one burner

HK$ 18,000.00
CS 1312 BG ProLine element
CS 1312 BGProLine element

with electrically heated barbecue grill

HK$ 22,000.00
CS 7152 FL SmartLine element
CS 7152 FLSmartLine element

with two burners

HK$ 19,000.00
KM 7897 FL Induction hob with onset controls
KM 7897 FLInduction hob with onset controls

with a width of 936 mm and full-surface induction for maximum flexibility

HK$ 63,000.00
KMDA 7476 FL Induction hob with integrated vapour extraction 
KMDA 7476 FLInduction hob with integrated vapour extraction 

with two extra large PowerFlex XL cooking areas and flush-fit vapour extraction 

HK$ 69,000.00
CS 1028 G ProLine element
CS 1028 GProLine element

with one burner

HK$ 24,000.00
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