Voucher for W1 washing machine


An offer you cannot resist!

Thank you for purchasing the Miele W1 washing machine. Look forward to a free packet of UltraWhite or half a year's worth of detergent with 30% discount!
You decide which offer you would like to accept and redeem the appropriate voucher.

One free packet of UltraWhite30% discount on half a year's worth of detergent

Voucher details

Voucher redemption – it's so easy!

  1. Click on "One free packet of UlltraWhite“ or "30% discount on half a year's worth of detergent" to redeem you voucher
  2. Enter voucher code.
  3. Complete order process. The discount will be granted at the end of the ordering process.
  4. Your detergent will be delivered shortly and conveniently free of charge to your home.


One free packet of UlltraWhite30% discount on half a year's worth of detergent

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

This voucher is valid in Hong Kong and can only be redeemed online. 

The voucher is valid for either 1 x free packet of UltraWhite or half a year's worth of detergent with 30% discount.


  • Eligible for W1 washing machine without TwinDos automated detergent dispensing only.
  • "Half a year's worth of detergent with 30% discount" option contains 1 x UltraWhite Powder and 3 x UltraColor Liquid detergent. Defined half year washing based on 48 washes using UltraWhite powder, plus 90 washes using UltraColor liquid detergent.
  • No cash payment. 
  • Only one voucher code can be claimed per product purchased.
  • The voucher cannot be used in combination with any other campaigns or promotions.
  • Selling the voucher on is not permitted. 
  • The voucher can only be redeemed in the Miele online shop.
  • Please observe the validity of redemption on your voucher.
  • Miele (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the right of final decisions in case of disputes.