W1 Washing Machine and T1 Tumble Dryer - Chrome Edition

Introducing the revolutionized generation of laundry care - W1 and T1

Clothes coming in and going out of fashion is almost as inevitable as the seasons changing. With the pieces you love, however, the trick is keeping them looking as new as the day you bought them, and the right laundry care appliances go a long way to making sure that happens.


Since its first washing machine, the ‘Meteor’ made in 1901, Miele has been perfecting the art of laundry. Now the  revoluntionizedgeneration of appliances is raising the bar yet again, our technology has created the most personalised and fabric specific laundry experience making sure that fashion never fades.


The Miele W1 Chrome Edition washing machine has a few technological breakthroughs. The PowerWash innovation flips laundry on its head by running for shorter times yet resulting in better cleaning performances with the help of intensive flow technology. TwinDos is a 2-phase system managing the auto dispensing of the correct amount of detergent and detergency enhancer, keeping whites and coloured garments looking vibrant. Finally, there’s CapDosing, an innovative feature that allows you to wash delicate garments such as wool or silk by adding one-off textile specific cleaning capsules.


Washing is important, but drying the right way is also key to keeping clothes looking great and lasting longer. Once again, Miele has come up with three defining innovations that mark out the T1 Chrome Edition tumble dryer. The PerfectDry system works by detecting the moisture level of the load precisely and then adjusting the drying cycle and temperature accordingly. This means that shrinkage caused by the wrong temperature and time settings are a thing of the past. If that wasn’t clever enough, the SteamFinish feature can actually reduce the creases from dry laundry by generating steam inside the drum, making ironing a lot easier and less tedious. And lastly there’s FragranceDos, a feature that infuses beautiful scent into your laundry with specially developed fabric fragrances.


The Miele W1 and T1 Chrome Edition harness innovation and intuitive thinking to create laundry care that goes over and above just washing and drying clothes, making sure that your fashion, whatever it is, never fades.

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