Blizzard CX1 - The First Bagless Vacuum Cleaner from Miele

A New Standard for Fine Dust Filtration and Convenient Hygiene

(2018 – Hong Kong) Since its establishment in 1899, German home appliance brand Miele has been well known for its premium design and impeccable quality. This year marks 90 years of Miele’s floorcare expertise having been committed to manufacturing excellent vacuum cleaners since 1927 with the latest technology and quality control. All cylinder vacuum cleaners from Miele are tested to last for 20 years1 of use.

Blizzard CX1, Miele’s first ever bagless vacuum cleaner, ets new standards for excellent suction power and convenient hygiene. It provides ultra-cleaning power through Vortex technology in aninnovative 3-stage filtration system. Fine dust and allergens are separated from coarse dust immediately and the separated fine dust is prevented from being relesased back to the room air during emptying. Blizzard CX1 has sold over 300,000 units within its first year since its launch in Europe. It is officially set to launch in Hong Kong on 1st March, 2018.


Innovative 3-stage Filtration System

Blizzard CX1 operates on a 3-stage filtration system to systematically separate coarse soiling from fine dust for powerful cleaning. Separated fine dust is effectively retained and settled to avoid secondary pollutions, especially suitable for families with children or pets.

  • First stage – Vortex technology: The mono-cyclone approach effectively separates coarse particles and lands them in the transparent dust container. It creates a higher airflow rate and thus stronger suction power in contrast to multi-cyclone systems, yet lower operating sound levels.
  • Second stage - GORE® fine dust filter: GORE® fine dust container is equipped with GORE® CleanStream® fine dust filter to better retain fine dust and allergens. Simply clean it with water to empty it without unsettling the fine dust.
  • Third stage – maintenance-free filter: Blizzard CX1 Excellence is equipped with a HEPA 13 filter to hold back even the minutest particles and 99.95% of allergens2, e.g. mold spores and bacteria, ensuring that air discharged from the machine is cleaner than ambient room air. The filter is maintenance-free and never needs replacing. It reduces the operating cost and avoids direct physical contact with allergens comparing to other bagless systems that require washing of the exhaust filter.


Convenient and Hygienic Emptying

 Besides outstanding cleaning performance, Miele pays the utmost care to ensure hygienic emptying. Blizzard CX1 features the ComfortClean self-cleaning function. Special sensors measure the air flow and automatically activate self-cleaning as needed to dislodge dust into the 2nd stage - GORE® fine dust filter. This ensures constant air flow and consistently powerful vacuuming. Manual cleaning is prompted by the sensor control. The GORE® CleanStream® fine dust filter is designed in such a way that fine dust and allergens are kept under control and that the user does not come in direct physical contact with them while cleaning the filter with running water. The Click2open design allows the dust container to open easily with one click and drop down the coarse particles and dirt directly into the bin.

Miele’s scrupulous attention to details on behalf of consumers was recognized by The Red Dot Award last year as the Winner of Product Design.

Dr Markus Miele, the fourth generation proprietor and Executive Director of Miele, said: ‘We are absolutely convinced of being able to offer consumers a product in the form of the Blizzard CX1 which does justice in every respect to Miele's 'Forever Better' brand promise. We took note of the fact that the players who were first to market have made progress since and that the following for bagless vacuum cleaners has been growing steadily. So our product engineers set to work with great persistence to overcome the inherent disadvantages of this type of machine as far as was humanly possible.’


 More about Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Miele launched its first vacuum cleaner in 1927 - Model K cylinder vacuum cleaner. Its bucket shape offered a large dust container. Miele has been creating new model to best suit consumers’ needs since then. E.g. Hand-held vacuum cleaner was introduced in 1964, the first accessories-integrated vacuum cleaner completed with air-clean filter in 1982, the first hybrid canister vacuum cleaner at IFA 2009 in Berlin. The 50-millionth vacuum cleaner is produced in 2015, and this year marks Miele’s 90 years of professional floorcare expertise.


1 Based on example of 45 minutes of vacuuming a week with maximum suction power.

2 According to EN1822 / 2011


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