50 degree Foie Gras Terrine with Pineapple Salsa and Madeira Jelly (serves 3-4) 50度鵝肝凍批配菠蘿莎莎及馬德拉酒啫喱 (3至4位份)

To PDFIngredientsFoie gras 500g, cress for decoration pinch, olive oil squeeze.

Goose Liver Marinade: Madeira 30g, cognac 30g, salt 6.5g, finely ground pepper 0.5g.

Pineapple Salsa: Pineapple 50g, brown sugar 10g, hot water 5g.

Madeira Jelly: Madeira 70g, chicken stock 140g, gelatin sheets 8g, sugar 7g.




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Occasion & festival: Valentine's Day

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Poultry: Goose


PreparationFoie Gras Terrine:

1) Leave the foie gras at room temperature for 30 minutes. Devein the foie gras and place in the goose liver marinade for 8 hours, turn it over after 4 hours.

2) Place the foie gras on tray in one single layer. Steam at 50℃ for 16 minutes or longer (depending on the thickness).

Pineapple Salsa:

1) Cut the pineapple into 5mm cubes. Mix the brown sugar with hot water and steam at 100℃ for 2 minutes. Mix with the pineapple and keep in fridge.

Madeira Jelly:

1) Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water for 5 to 10 minutes. Once soft, lift sheets from the cold water. Squeeze to remove excess water and add to the chicken stock and sugar. Steam at 100℃ for 2 minutes until dissolved.

2) Stir it until melted completely and add the Madeira. Cover and refrigerate until set.

Serving: Cut the terrine into desired shape. Brush the foie gras with a light coat of olive oil, and served with madeira jelly and pineapple salsa, and cress for decoration.

Tips1) Removal of the nerves and veins on the foie gras will enable you to achieve a creamy melting texture when eating.

2) Cooking the foie gras at 50ºC low temperature in the Miele puresteam allows the flavour to be sealed in. The exact time and temperature on cooking the foie gras is very important. The Miele puresteam oven can accurately adjust within a temperature range of 40-100ºC, which is perfect for cooking delicate and succulent foie gras.

1) 鵝肝去除血筋後質地更軟滑,能達到入口即融。

2) 鵝肝以50℃低溫烹調,更能保留鵝肝鮮味及其脂香。準確時間及溫度對烹煮鵝肝十分重要,而Miele蒸爐可準確調教40-100℃,配合鵝肝細緻肉質。