60 degree Slow Cooked Chicken Breast with Steamed Sweet Potato and Potato (Serves 4) 60度慢煮雞胸配蒸甜薯及薯仔 (4位份)

To PDFIngredientsChicken breast (skin on) 4 pcs, salt and pepper pinch.

Vegetables: Sweet potatoes (yellow and purple) 40g, potato 40g, pumpkin 40g, thyme 5g, garlic 15g, olive oil 10g.

Accompaniment: Cress, baby spinach and edible flowers pinch, cherry tomatoes 40g, chicken jus 40g.



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Poultry: Chicken


PreparationChicken Breast:

1) Season the chicken breast with salt and pepper, wrap it in cling film into a cylinder shape. Steam at 60℃ for 40 minutes or until done. Pan fry the skin with oil at medium to low heat until golden brown in colour.

Steamed Vegetables:

1) Slice the sweet potato, potato and pumpkin (5mm in thickness). Marinate with thyme, garlic and olive oil for 1 hour or longer. Steam the sweet potato and potato at 100℃ for 9 minutes and the pumpkin for 3 minutes.

2) Cut cherry tomatoes in half and mix with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Serving: Place the root and tuber vegetables and cherry tomatoes on a plate. Put the chicken on top and arrange the cress, edible flowers and baby spinach around the chicken and vegetables. Serve with chicken jus and add a drizzle of olive oil.


1) 雞胸用鹽及胡椒調味,用保鮮紙捲成圓柱狀,用60℃蒸40分鐘或直至熟。先用中火煎香雞皮的表面,再轉用細火煎至金黃色。


1) 把蕃薯、薯仔和南瓜切片(厚度為5mm)。用百里香、蒜頭和橄欖油醃1小時或更長的時間。蕃薯用100℃蒸9分鐘,南瓜蒸3分鐘。

2) 然後將車厘茄切成一半,混合鹽、胡椒和橄欖油。


Tips1) Common thinking is when cooking chicken breast meat, it leaves a rather tough texture. However, using the Miele puresteam cooking at low temperature, the chicken breast meat becomes tender and juicy. Wrapping with cling wrap while steaming allows the chicken breast to keep its shape and also helps to achieve uniform thickness and for the meat to be consistently cooked. Remember to purchase your chicken from a reliable shop.

2) Using 100ºC steam cooking allows the vegetables to retain their fresh colour and sweet taste. This is much better than cooking the vegetables in boiling water in terms of retaining their nutrients.

1) 雞胸肉肉質在傳统慨念上比較粗糙鞋口,但以Miele蒸爐配合科學化低溫慢煮,能令雞胸肉肉質變得細緻嫩滑。用保鮮膜包裹雞胸肉可保持形狀,更有助厚薄一致達到均勻煮熟。請選購有品質保證來源的雞胸。

2) 以100℃純蒸氣蒸煮顏色繽紛的蔬菜,更能保持蔬菜色澤及爽甜。以蒸煮烹調蔬菜比用水烚更能保存其營養。