Shrimp roe noodles and Baby Oysters dressed in Ginger and Green Onion sauce (serves 1 to 2) 薑蔥珍珠蠔拌蝦籽麵(1至2位份)

To PDFIngredients 120g baby oysters, 1 bundle dried shrimp roe noodles, 600ml boiling water, 1tbsp shredded ginger, 3tbsp shredded green onion, 2tbsp peanut oil, dried shrimp roe as garnish
Seasoning: 1tbsp oyster sauce, 1/4tsp sugar, pepper and sesame oil to taste

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Cooking method: Steaming

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven

Recipe Style: Easy

Occasion & festival: Everyday Meal

Type of Dish: Main

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Preparation1. Wash the baby oysters and drain well.
2. Put the shredded ginger and green onion, peanut oil and seasoning in a small bowl. Steam in Miele Steam Oven at 100°C for 10 minutes.
3. Add baby oysters to the dressing from step 2. Steam at 90°C for 5 minutes.
4. Place the noodles in a large ovenproof bowl. Pour in boiling water to cover. Steam in Miele Puresteam at 100°C for 6 minutes.
5. Drain the noodles. Pour the oysters and dressing over it. Sprinkle with dried shrimp roe and serve hot.

1. 珍珠蠔以清水沖淨後瀝乾待用。
2. 薑絲、蔥絲、花生油及調味料放小碗內,放入Miele蒸爐以100°C蒸10分鐘後取出。
3. 於蒸好的醬汁中加入珍珠蠔,再以90°C蒸5分鐘待用。
4. 蝦籽麵放入耐熱大碗,注入開水至蓋面,放入Miele蒸爐以100°C蒸6分鐘。
5. 瀝去蝦籽麵中的水份,加入以上蒸好的材料拌勻,最後灑上蝦籽即可享用。

Tips1. Cooking pasta and noodles with Miele Steam Oven is easy breezy. You don’t have to keep an eye on it and it won’t boil over. You can easily churn out perfect soup noodles and dressed noodles which are much healthier than fried noodles.
2. Fresh noodles can be steamed directly in Miele Steam Oven without adding water. As opposed to blanching them in water, Miele Steam Oven cooks them through while retaining their chewiness. For dried noodles, add enough hot water to cover them, and then follow the steaming team suggested in the cooking instruction on the package

1. 用Miele蒸爐煮粉麵不用睇火,不怕滾瀉,無論製作湯麵或撈麵同樣簡單,亦比炒麵更為健康。
2. 烹調軟身麵條可直接蒸熟,麵條可保持彈牙口感;烹調乾身粉麵,只需注入開水至蓋面,再按包裝建議之時間加熱。