Sweet Potato Snowy Mooncake 紫薯冰皮月餅

To PDFIngredientsPASTRY: Rice flour 85g, cornstarch 30g, icing sugar 50g, milk 200ml, melted butter 2 tbsp.
SWEET POTATO FILLING: 1 Sweet Potato (approx. 200g), Whipping Cream 50g,
Sugar (40g)

冰皮月餅面料: 糕粉(熟糯米粉)85克、粟粉30克、糖霜50克、鮮奶200毫升、牛油溶液2湯匙
紫薯餡:紫薯 1個(約200克) 、淡忌廉 50克、砂糖 40克
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Cooking method: Steaming

Cooking method: Steam Roasting

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Combination Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven with Microwave

Recipe Style: Seasonal & Holiday

Food by region: Asian

Occasion & festival: Mid-Autumn Festival

Type of Dish: Dessert

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1. To make dough, sieve glutinous rice flour, cornstarch and icing sugar into a bowl. Add milk and melted butter and mix well. Put on a dish.
2. Peel off the sweet potato and cut to 1cm pieces. Put in Meile Steamer for 25 mins. When there is 10 mins left, put in the dough prepared in step 1 in the steamer.
3. Put the dough in a zipper bag. Knead with hands until no patches of dry flour visible. Refrigerate.
4. Mash the sweet potato. Mix well with the sugar & whipping cream.
5. To assemble, divide the chilled dough and sweet potato mash into 8 equal portions. Wrap each portion of sweet potato mash in a piece of dough. Roll it round and press into a mooncake mould dusted with roasted rice flour. Unmould and refrigerate. Serve.

1. 先製作餅皮,糕粉、粟粉、糖霜過篩,注入鮮奶及牛油溶液拌勻。放碟上待用。
2. 把紫薯去皮切1cm小粒,放入Miele蒸爐蒸25分鐘,待時間餘下10分鐘時加入步驟1預備好的餅皮同步蒸熟。
3. 餅皮料趁熱放密實袋中,用手揉搓至軟滑無乾粉,冷藏備用。
4. 紫薯用匙羮壓成紫薯蓉,加入砂糖及淡忌廉攪拌均勻。
5. 戴上膠手套,沾少許糕粉,取1/8餅皮料搓成圓球,用擀麵棍擀薄,包入適量紫薯餡,再搓成球狀。灑上少許糕粉壓入月餅模,脫模。放雪櫃冷藏後即可享用。

TipsCooking tips:
With 100% steam technology and three-level steaming shelves, temperature is consistent throughout the cabinet. You can churn out a series of mooncake fillings for Mid-Autumn Festival, such as custard & taro.