Slow Cook Salmon with Herbs & Lemon 香草檸檬低溫慢煮三文魚柳

To PDFIngredientsSashimi style salmon fillet 200g, lemon sliced 2pcs,
fresh dill 1 sprig, extra virgin olive oil 3tbsp,
assorted bell peppers sliced 1/4pc each,
onion shredded 1/4pc, Balsamic vinegar 1tbsp, salt & pepper

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1. Pour the bell peppers & onion in a heatproof container. Add 1tbsp of olive oil & stir well. Place the container in Miele steam oven at 90⁰C for 5 minutes. Add vinegar & seasonings and leave aside.
2. Put the lemon, dill, olive oil & seasonings together with the salmon fillet into a ziplock bag. Squeeze excessive air out from the bag & seal it up. Steam at 60⁰C for 30 minutes.
3. Place the salmon in a serving platter with the bell peppers for serving.

1. 彩椒切塊,洋蔥絲放入耐熱容器,加入1湯匙特醇欖油拌勻後放入Miele蒸爐以90⁰C蒸5分鐘,加入意大利甜醋及調味拌勻待用。
2. 耐熱密實袋中放入檸檬片、鮮蒔蘿、2湯匙特醇欖油及調味,放入三文魚柳後擠出空氣,放入Miele蒸爐 60⁰C蒸30分鐘。
3. 將三文魚柳取出放碟上,伴以彩椒塊一同享用。

Cooking tips:
- Slow cook the salmon from 30 minutes to 6 hours. The longer the time the tenderer is the salmon texture.
- Using Miele Vacuum Drawer to vacuum seal together with Miele steam oven to do sous vide cooking can have better taste and juicy.

- 低溫烹調時間可以是30分鐘至6小時不等,時間越長魚肉質感越軟滑。
- 可配合Miele抽真空櫃作真空低溫慢煮,能使三文魚肉更入味,更能保留肉汁鮮味。