Pandan Khanom Chan (Thai steamed two-tone layered cake) (serves 4 to 6) 斑蘭椰汁千層糕 (約4至6位份)

To PDFIngredients2 cups tapioca flour, ½ cup long-grain rice flour, ½ cup potato starch, 1½ cup coconut milk, ¼ tsp salt, 1½ cup sugar, 1 tsp Pandan essence, 1½ cup water

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Cooking method: Steaming

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Combination Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven with Microwave

Recipe Style: Easy

Recipe Style: Vegetarian

Recipe Style: Parties

Food by region: Asian

Occasion & festival: Summer/Spring

Occasion & festival: Everyday Meal

Type of Dish: Dessert

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Preparation1) Add salt to coconut milk. Mix and set aside.

2) In a bowl, mix tapioca flour, rice flour, potato starch and sugar together. Divide into 2 equal parts. Add coconut milk to one part. Add Pandan essence and water to the other part. Stir separately.

3) Grease a silicone baking pan. Pour in a thin layer of Pandan batter. Swirl to coat evenly. Steam in Miele puresteam at 100°C for 5 minutes. Then pour a thin layer of coconut batter over the first layer. Steam in Miele puresteam at 100°C for 5 minutes. Keep repeating this step to build alternate layers until all batter is used. Steam for 5 minutes at last. Serve.

1) 椰汁加入幼鹽拌勻待用。

2) 木薯粉、粘米粉、澄麵及砂糖拌勻,分成兩半。一份加入椰汁拌勻,另一份加入斑蘭香油及清水拌勻。

3) 矽膠模具掃油,淋上薄薄一層斑蘭粉漿。放Miele蒸爐以100℃蒸5分鐘。再淋上薄薄一層椰汁粉漿蓋面,入Miele蒸爐以100℃再蒸5分鐘。重複此步驟至粉漿用完為止。最後蒸5分鐘即可。

Tips1) Miele puresteam produces less excessive steam than a steaming wok. Desserts and cakes won’t be ruined by condensation even if steamed uncovered.

2) With 100% steam technology and multi-level steaming shelves, you can make several dishes all at once with Miele puresteam. All dishes are ready at the same time and served piping hot.

1) 蒸爐的多餘水氣比蒸鑊少,倒汗水不會滴在糕點上。

2) 100%純蒸氣技術配合多層蒸架,可同時烹煮多款菜式,同時熱騰騰上桌。