Double Boiled Whole Winter Melon Rice Soup (Serves 2) 原個冬瓜盅湯飯(2人份)

To PDFIngredients1 Mini winter melon, 20 fresh lotus seeds, Jinhua ham 2 slices, 2 soaked dry scallops, diced chicken meat 30g, soaked dry mushrooms diced 3, Chinese violet 10 pcs, clear chicken broth to taste, rice

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Cooking method: Steaming

Cooking method: Double Boiling

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Poultry: Chicken


Dried Seafood



Preparation1) Slice the winter melon roughly 2cm from the top horizontally and set the top aside. Use a teaspoon to remove the seeds being careful not to scrape through the base.
2) Place the diced chicken meat into boiling water until the meat turns white, rinse in cold water and drain. Also wash and drain the remaining ingredients.
3) Put all ingredients into the winter melon (except the Chinese violet). Pour the chicken broth into the melon until 80% full. Place the melon top back on and put inside the Miele puresteam at 100ºC for 60 minutes.
4) Put one part of rice and one part of water in a container. Place in the Steam Oven when the steaming time remains 25 minutes to steam the rice in paralle.
5) Add in the Chinese violet into the water melon 5 minutes to cooking completion time.
6) Mix the rice into the water melon when serve.

1) 將冬瓜頂部約2cm切開保留,以湯匙刮去籽,冬瓜底部切平以便企立。
2) 雞肉粒以沸水略燙後過冷河瀝乾,其餘材料洗淨後亦瀝乾待用。
3) 除夜香花外,將所有材料放入冬瓜內,注入清雞湯至八分滿,把瓜頂蓋好放入Miele蒸爐以100℃蒸60分鐘
4) 米和水以1比1比例蒸用耐熱器盛載,於蒸爐顯示餘下時間為25分鐘時加入同步蒸飯。
5) 當蒸爐顯示5分鐘時,再加入夜香花至冬瓜盅繼續蒸煮。
6) 將蒸好的飯加入冬瓜盅作湯飯享用。

Tips1. Chinese believe water melon is a good ingredient for health during summer time.
2. The large capacity oven allows steaming of a whole water melon and rice at the same time, to save time and electricity

1. 中國人相信冬瓜有消暑作用,而湯飯是夏天的開胃之選。
2. Miele蒸爐的容量特大,於蒸燉冬瓜盅時同步蒸飯,省時亦省電。