Espresso Agar Gems (serves 4) 咖啡水晶凍(4位份)

To PDFIngredients200ml espresso, 2tsp agar-agar powder or Kanten powder, 1tbsp sugar, whipping cream to taste

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Cooking method: Steaming

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Preparation1) Mix the sugar with agar-agar in an oven-safe bowl.
2) Pour in espresso and stir to combine. Steam in Miele Puresteam at 100°C for 10 minutes.
3) Strain the coffee mixture through a tea strainer into a pan. Refrigerate for 1 hour until set.
4) Dice the jelly and save in serving glasses. Drizzle with whipping cream. Serve.

1) 先將海藻粉或寒天粉與砂糖一同放入耐熱碗中拌勻。
2) 將特濃咖啡慢慢加入耐熱碗中並攪拌均勻,放入Miele蒸爐以100℃蒸10分鐘。
3) 將以上步驟蒸好的咖啡拌勻後以茶隔過濾,注入模具中,放入雪櫃冷藏1小時至凝固。
4) 享用時可將咖啡水晶凍切成小粒,淋上少量淡忌廉一同享用。