Hand-shredded Chicken with Chinese celery and leeks in soybean Sauce (serves 4) 香芹豆醬手撕雞(4位份)

To PDFIngredients1 dressed chicken (about 1.2 kg), 1 sprig Chinese celery, 2 leeks, 2 ginger slices (crushed with the flat side of knife)

Seasoning: 4 tbsp Puning soybean sauce, 2 tsp Shaoxing wine, pepper, sesame oil


Type of cooking

Cooking method: Steaming

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Combination Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven with Microwave

Recipe Style: Easy

Recipe Style: 30-minute Quick Meals

Food by region: Chinese

Food by region: Asian

Occasion & festival: Lunar Chinese New Year

Occasion & festival: Everyday Meal

Type of Dish: Entree's

Type of Dish: Main

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Type of ingredient

Poultry: Chicken

Preparation1) Cut the Chinese celery and leeks into sections. Stir in seasoning.

2) Wash and wipe dry the chicken. Stuff its cavity with Chinese celery, leeks and ginger. Spread seasoning over the skin. Wrap in cling wrap and refrigerate for 3 hours up to overnight.

3) Remove cling wrap. Put chicken with the breast side up in stainless steel steaming container. Pour seasoning over and steam in Miele puresteam at 100°C for 25 minutes. Let cool in the steam oven for 30 minutes. Chop the chicken into bite sizes to serve. Or de-bone it and shred the meat with your hands.

1) 芹菜青蒜切小段,拌入調味料。

2) 雞抹淨,雞肚內釀滿芹菜青蒜及薑片,雞皮抹勻調味料,用保鮮紙包好,冷藏3小時至過夜。

3) 移除保鮮紙,雞放不鏽鋼蒸盤,雞胸向上,淋上調味料。放Miele蒸爐以100°C蒸25分鐘,再待在爐中30分鐘至冷卻。雞斬件或以手拆肉撕幼享用。

Tips1) It’s advisable to let the steamed chicken to cool inside the steam oven. The remaining gentle heat cooks through the chicken with and it allows time for the juices to run back into the meat. The chicken tastes juicier and more tender that way.

2) You may use kitchen scissors to cut up the chicken and de-bone it. It’s much more convenient for your guests to consume when the chicken is boneless.

1) 雞蒸熟後宜放爐內自然降溫,利用餘溫滲透內外煮熟雞肉,減少肉汁流失,口感更嫩滑。

2) 用廚剪剪開雞骨拆肉,食用更方便安全。