Steamed giant grouper on rice and mung bean vermicelli (serves 4) 芹蒜龍躉蒸鴛鴦米(4位份)

To PDFIngredientsIngredients: 6-8 slices Oasis Giant Grouper fillet (roughly 120g), 30g mung bean vermicelli, 100g Hsinchu rice vermicelli, 1 stick Chinese celery, ½ leek

Seasoning: ¼ cup chicken stock, Ground white pepper, Sesame oil

Sauce: 2 tsp Puning bean sauce, ¼ tsp sugar, Ground white pepper

綠洲花尾龍躉魚柳切成6-8小塊 (約120克),粉絲30克,新竹米粉100克,唐芹1堁,青蒜半條


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Preparation1) Cut the fish diagonally into slices about 5 mm thick. Cut the Chinese celery and leek into short lengths. Cut the mung bean vermicelli into short lengths with scissors. Soak both the mung bean vermicelli and rice vermicelli in cold water for 15 minutes. Drain.

2) Add seasoning to the mung bean vermicelli and rice vermicelli and toss well. Transfer to a heatproof dish. Steam in your Miele puresteam DG 6010 steam oven at 100°C for 5 minutes.

3) Put the fish fillet, Chinese celery and leek into the sauce. Mix well. Arrange on top of the bed of vermicelli. Steam in your steam oven at 95°C for 3 more minutes. Serve.

1) 花尾龍躉肉斜切成5毫米薄片。唐芹、青蒜切小段。粉絲剪成小段,連同新竹米粉以清水浸泡15分鐘,瀝乾。

2) 粉絲及新竹米粉加入調味料拌勻,放耐熱碟中進Miele蒸爐,以100°C蒸5分鐘。

3) 將龍躉肉連同芹蒜加入汁料拌勻,鋪放米粉上,放Miele蒸爐以95°C再蒸3分鐘即可享用。

Tips1) The vermicelli are steamed at 100°C first so that they are cooked through, allowing them to soak up the flavours of the sauce more easily.

2) Miele’s puresteam technology gives you precise control over cooking temperature. Steaming the fish at 95°C is guaranteed to cook the fish gently until just done, ensuring that it remains tender and succulent.

1) 先將米粉以100°C蒸至熱透,有助吸收龍躉肉汁的精華及芹蒜香氣。

2) Miele蒸爐可仔細調節溫度,以95°C烹調魚類確保魚肉僅熟,魚肉嫩滑多汁。