Steamed Loofah with Minced Ginger and Bean Vermicelli (serves 2 to 3) 薑蓉粉絲蒸勝瓜甫 (2至3位)

To PDFIngredientsLoofah 300g, minced ginger 2tbsp, re-hydrated bean vermicelli 60g

Seasoning: Fish sauce 1tbsp, sugar 1/2tsp, pepper and sesame oil to taste


Type of cooking

Cooking method: Steaming

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Combination Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven with Microwave

Recipe Style: Easy

Recipe Style: Vegetarian

Recipe Style: Keep Fit

Food by region: Chinese

Occasion & festival: Everyday Meal

Type of Dish: Main

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Preparation1) Drain well the vermicelli and lay it evenly over a heatproof deep dish, peel the tough part from the loofah, remove the seeds and cut into bite size. Place them over the vermicelli.

2) Mix the ginger with the seasoning, pour it evenly over the loofah.

3) Place in Miele puresteam at 100°C for 8 minutes, pour a dash of hot boiling oil over the dish and serve at once.

1) 粉絲瀝乾,放碟中。勝瓜刨皮去籽,切小塊放粉絲上。

2) 薑蓉、調味料放小碗中拌勻,淋在勝瓜上面。

3) 放Miele蒸爐以100℃蒸8分鐘,淋上滾油即可。

Tips1) To retain the bright colours of veggies, take them out of the oven immediately when the cooking time is up.

2) Meile puresteam uses 100% steam technology with 3 layers of steaming shelves. temperature is kept consistent throughout. By using the shelves thoughtfully, you can churn out steamed rice and two dishes within 30 minutes. All food can be served piping hot at the same time.

1) 要保持蔬果顏色鮮明,烹調後要立即取出。

2) Miele蒸爐100%純蒸氣技術配合多層蒸架,3層溫度一致,30分鐘可分層烹調2餸1飯,多款菜式同時熱騰騰上桌。