Steamed rice with preserved duck and Chinese sausage duo (serves 3 to 4) 油鴨鴛鴦腸蒸飯 (3至4位份)

Ingredients1 preserved duck leg, 2 Chinese dried liver sausages, 2 Chinese dried pork sausages, 4 sprigs kale, 150 g diced taro, 3 cups Thai jasmine rice, 1 tbsp chopped spring onion

Seasoning: 2 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp dark soy sauce, 2 tsp sugar, 4 tbsp chicken stock, pepper, sesame oil


Type of cooking

Cooking method: Steaming

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Combination Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven with Microwave

Recipe Style: Easy

Recipe Style: Others

Food by region: Chinese

Food by region: Asian

Occasion & festival: Winter/Autumn

Occasion & festival: Everyday Meal

Type of Dish: Main

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Poultry: Duck




Preparation1) Wash duck leg and sausages in warm water. Wipe dry. Dice the sausages and kale. Set aside. Mix seasoning in a small bowl.

2) Wash the rice and drain. Put rice and taro in a bowl. Add 3 cups of water. Steam in Miele puresteam at 100°C for 20 minutes until rice is done. Sprinkle spring onion, sausages and kale on the rice. Arrange duck leg on top. Steam the rice and the bowl of seasoning simultaneously in Miele puresteam at 100°C for 12 minutes.

3) Cut duck leg into pieces. Fluff up the rice and mix with other ingredients. Drizzle with seasoning. Serve with duck leg on the side.

1) 油鴨腿、膶腸、臘腸用暖水洗淨,抹乾。膶腸、臘腸及芥蘭切成小粒。調味料拌勻放小碗。

2) 白米洗淨瀝乾,連同芋頭粒放入碗內,注入3杯清水,放Miele蒸爐以100℃蒸20分鐘至米飯熟透。膶腸、臘腸及芥蘭鋪在飯面,放上油鴨腿。米飯、調味料同時進Miele蒸爐以100℃蒸12分鐘。

3) 油鴨腿切小塊。米飯灑上蔥花,連配料一同打鬆拌勻,淋上調味料,配油鴨腿享用。

Tips1) Rice steamed with Miele puresteam tastes substantially better than that cooked in a rice cooker. High-temperature steam in Miele puresteam circulates evenly so that each grain of rice picks up heat evenly from all directions. The rice will end up soft but not soggy, firm but not hard, with the rice grains separable from each other.

2) A quick meal for one couldn’t be any easier with Miele puresteam. With a rice cooker, it’s hard to make one serving and you always end up with leftover rice. With Miele puresteam, it only takes 20 minutes to steam 1 bowl of rice (25 minutes for more servings). You may put in meat and vegetable throughout the steaming process for perfect doneness of every course.

1) 論質感和香味,蒸飯比煲飯更勝一籌。Miele蒸爐的高溫蒸氣均勻散佈,每顆米粒平均受熱,米飯質感柔潤乾爽,口感實在,顆粒分明。

2) 電飯煲煮1人份米飯往往剩餘隔夜飯。用Miele蒸爐,1碗白飯蒸20分鐘(多人份量約25分鐘),分段把肉類蔬菜放入內置蒸架,健康晚餐輕鬆完成。