Vegetarian Rice Rolls (serves 4) 素腸粉(4位份)

To PDFIngredientsRice roll: 160 g long-grain rice flour, 2 tbsp cornstarch, 1 tbsp water chestnut flour, ½ tsp salt, 2½ cups water

Filling: 50 g Shimeji mushrooms, 1 zucchini, 6 cobs baby sweet corn, 2 cloves garlic (grated), 2 tbsp oyster sauce, 1 tsp Shaoxing wine, ½ tsp sugar, pepper, sesame oil

Sweet soy sauce: 3 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp dark soy sauce, 5 tbsp water, 1 tbsp sugar, sesame oil



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Cooking method: Steaming

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Combination Steam Oven

Cooking Appliance: Steam Oven with Microwave

Recipe Style: Easy

Recipe Style: Vegetarian

Recipe Style: Mother & Child

Food by region: Chinese

Occasion & festival: Mid-Autumn Festival

Type of Dish: Snacks

Type of Dish: Miscellaneous

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Preparation1) Mix the rice roll ingredients and sweet soy sauce ingredients separately in bowls.

2) Chop all filling ingredients and mix well. Steam filling and sweet soy sauce in Miele puresteam at 100°C for 3 minutes. Stir separately.

3) Grease a stainless steel pan. Pour in a thin layer of rice roll batter. Swirl to coat evenly. Steam at 100°C for 2 minutes. Arrange some filling over the steamed rice roll. Roll it up and save on a plate. Drizzle with sweet soy sauce. Serve.

1) 將粉漿及甜豉油材料分別拌勻備用。

2) 全部餡料切碎拌勻盛好。餡料、甜豉油進Miele蒸爐以100℃蒸3分鐘,分別拌勻。

3) 不鏽鋼蒸盤掃油,淋上薄薄一層粉漿,排上餡料,以100℃蒸2分鐘至凝固。趁熱捲起腸粉上碟,淋上甜豉油即可。

Tips1) Miele puresteam retains the nutrients and authentic flavours of vegetables. It just takes 3 to 4 minutes to cook the veggies through, while retaining it crispy texture and bright colours.

2) Miele stainless steel steaming container lets the batter pick up heat evenly from all directions. It’s also easy to clean.

1) 用Miele蒸爐烹調蔬菜保留營養原味,3、4分鐘即可蒸出脆嫩口感,顏色鮮明。

2) Miele蒸爐的不鏽鋼密底蒸盤讓粉漿均勻迅速受熱,而且容易清洗。