An innovative grinder for perfect enjoyment

New AromaticSystemFresh* grinding and brewing system: aroma-preserving and quiet brWith our innovative conical grinder, you can enjoy coffee afresh: the particularly aroma-preserving process is due to the high quality, non-abrasive steel used for the grinder . For unadulterated coffee moments, the new grinder works particularly quietly. Another coffee enhancing development: the grinder is now positioned directly above the brew unit – this ensures that ground coffee from previously used coffee beans cannot remain in the coffee machine's grinder. When you return from a holiday trip, you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee brewed with freshly ground beans. With this development, we have created a perfectly matched system that guarantees a coffee experience on a new level for you to enjoy.
Always have the best beans close to hand brEspresso tastes best when made with Espresso beans, a genuine Café Crema needs Café Crema beans: with CoffeeSelect, you always have the right type of bean readily available for your coffee speciality. A classic or your favourite blend – simply fill your chosen beans into the three separate bean containers. They come in three sizes: for 210 g, 180 g and 150 g. brbrWhen you want to make a drink, simply select the variety you want manually. Or you can programme the machine to always brew your coffee with a particular bean. The coffee machine will then automatically select the programmed bean container you selected.This guarantees that you always enjoy a pure coffee as the AromaticSystemFresh ensures that no remnants of previously used different coffee remain in the system. This ensures perfect coffee enjoyment, achieved very easily, conveniently and reliably. And there is even more: we have added three new varieties to our range of Miele coffee beans for the launch of the CoffeeSelect feature.
depending on model – only applies to CM 7750 Figures as examples for showing the product benefit