An innovative grinder for perfect enjoyment

An innovative grinder for perfect enjoyment
With our innovative conical grinder, you can enjoy coffee afresh: the particular aroma-preserving process is due to the high quality and non-abrasive steel of the grinder construction. For unadulterated coffee moments, the new grinder works particularly quietly. The grinder is now positioned directly above the brew unit – this ensures that ground coffee from previously used coffee beans cannot remain in the coffee machine’s grinder. With this development, we have created a perfectly matched system that guarantees a coffee experience on a new level for you to enjoy.
Always the right type of bean to hand
Espresso tastes best when made with espresso beans, a genuine Café Crema needs Café Crema beans: with CoffeeSelect so you always have the right type of bean readily available for your coffee speciality. A classic or your favourite blend – simply fill your choice of beans for your coffee machine into the three separate bean containers. They come in three sizes: for 210 g, 180 g and 150 g. If you wish to prepare a drink, simply select the desired variety manually. Or you can programme the machine to always brew your coffee with a particular bean. The coffee machine will then automatically select the programmed bean container you selected.
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