So that dust stays safely enclosed

Thus, the dust stays safely enclosed.
The Miele AirClean filter system consists of the original Miele dustbag, the motor protection filter and one of the original Miele exhaust filters. These three filtration stages ensure that vacuumed-up dust remains securely locked in. The room air is even cleaner after vacuuming than before and it takes longer for dust to settle again on furniture and surfaces.
AirClean filter
Filtration for day-to-day needs.99.9 % overall dust retention capacity* in combination with the HyClean vacuum cleaner bag and motor filter.
Active AirClean filter
Significant reduction of unpleasant odours*- Ideal for pet owners and smokers- With practical timestrip® filter change indicator
HEPA AirClean filter
Filters out even finest dust and allergens – ideal for those allergic to house dust. 99.99 % overall dust retention capacity* as well as HEPA 13 classification*.- With practical timestrip® filter change indicator
Our recommendation for people with allergies
People with house dust allergies should look for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter fitted as standard and specially sealed casing. These appliances ensure that the filtered air discharged from the vacuum cleaner is cleaner than ambient room air before vacuuming. Based on these characteristics, some Miele vacuum cleaners are specifically recommended for people with allergies by TÜV Nord, a German material testing institute. In order for the appliance to maintain high filtration performance throughout its service life, the saturated, clogged HEPA filters must be replaced regularly – about once per year.
 Silence AirClean filter
Noticeable reduction of suction and motor noises.- The silencer for the vacuum cleaner- With practical timestrip® filter change indicator
According to IEC 62885-2 when using Miele appliances fitted with AirClean filter systemAccording to DIN EN 13725 Figures as examples for showing the product benefit