The benefit for your health

Scientifically proven  
Scientific tests carried out by the renowned Universities of Giessen and Koblenz/Landau in Germany confirm the benefits of steam cooking in comparison with other cooking methods. Steam cooking is guaranteed to increase the amount of vital nutrients in your food.  
More vitamins, every day 
Vitamin C fulfils more important functions than virtually any other vitamin – among other things, it helps to keep your immune system working properly. When you cook vegetables with the Miele steam oven, a large proportion of the vitamins are retained – compared to conventional boiling in water, peppers contain 25 % more vitamin C when cooked in the steam oven, and broccoli has 50 % more. 
Steamed is as healthy as raw  
Eating fruit and vegetables raw maximises the amount of vitamins and minerals we get from them. The Miele steam oven allows you to cook food and still preserve its vital nutrients – steam-cooked peppers contain just as many nutrients as raw peppers. By comparison, boiled peppers have approx. 45 % fewer nutrients than raw peppers.  
Outstanding on 4 levels 
Appearance, taste, aroma and texture: four criteria which define the quality of enjoyment for all foods. These criteria were evaluated in laboratory tests on the basis of a scientific points system and the results were clear: steam cooking is the healthiest and tastiest way of cooking food, regardless of whether it is fresh or frozen. When cooked using steam, fish retains its texture, appearance and unmistakable flavour – a clear indication of the advantages of our steam ovens.  
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit