Ihr Partner für alle Servicefälle

Your partner for prompt servicing

When you buy a Miele appliance you choose longevity and the best in quality. If, however, you require any help, Miele Service can provide rapid and reliable assistance.

Never very far away: Our Miele technicians can be at your home within a very short time.

Trouble-shooting guide

Many malfunctions and failures that can occur in daily operation can be easily remedied.

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Acceptance of repairs

Miele Hong Kong is the only sales subsidiary of Miele Germany in Hong Kong and Macau. Due to safety concerns, we import and sell Miele appliances in Hong Kong and Macau that have passed all necessary safety requirements of Hong Kong and Macau.
We encourage you to purchase Miele products from our authorized channels. Miele Hong Kong will not provide after-sales service and maintenance for products purchased from non-authorized channels (including parallel imports). Customers may be asked to provide an original invoice and serial number of appliance to enjoy the product warranty for repair, maintenance and any other after sales service.

To find a Miele authorized partner in Hong Kong and Macau, please visit or email to

Service department

​The quality of our customer service is reviewed regularly with the help of Miele customer surveys.

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