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Miele Baking Club

Miele Artisan Baking Workshop

Whether it be for breakfast, to go with coffee, or to accompany meals, bread is a key part of our daily cuisine. Enjoying homemade bread fresh from the oven is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Now, the Miele Baking Club is on hand to equip you with the basics and introduce you to the art of baking. Its baking workshops give bread-lovers the chance to get hands on and learn insider secrets from an artisan baker. Each class covers a different range of delectable delights, including one everyday bread and one afternoon tea bakery.

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Miele Dim Sum Cooking Workshop

Miele Dim Sum Cooking Workshop

Beloved around the world, dim sum is perhaps the most famous symbol of Cantonese cuisine.

Each tender morsel is baked, steamed or fried to perfection and made with traditional ingredients that come together harmoniously for an irresistible bounty of flavours. Making your own dim sum ensures you and your loved ones enjoy only the healthiest, freshest food, free from additives and anything artificial. At Miele’s intimate dim sum class, you’ll learn to create classic dishes by hand under the guidance of Chef Venus Yim.  

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Miele Steam-baking Cooking Workshop

Miele Steam-baking Cooking Workshop

Have you experienced the benefits of combination cooking yet? Miele’s steam combination ovens not only offer bake and steam settings, but also include a more sophisticated cooking method: steam-baking.

During this fun, hands-on session, you will prepare two savoury dishes under the expert tutelage of Miele’s in-house chef. He will show you how different temperatures with moisture setting (0% to 100%) can make the best cooking results while sharing his secret cooking techniques.


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